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Devon Photography is a business based in the glorious county of Devon providing commercial and personal photography with its sites and in-house freelance photographer. Currently our sites are...


Devon Photography

The original, the home of freelance photographer and Devon Photography founder Andy Spencer, available for commercial, editorial and personal jobs. Clients have included nationwide tapas restaurant chain La Tasca, hockey coaching and equipment seller www.crazykennys.com and community galleries seen on the local BBC website.

Professional, creative and friendly, this is more than just a job for Andy, photography is his love. So whether it's capturing the soul of a cafe, the beauty of a piece of jewellery or the fun of an event, you can be assured of hiring someone who really cares about giving the client exactly what they want in creative ways they might not have thought of.



Devon Wall Art

Our spin-off shop site featuring prints from small to big, along with large canvas prints and even new-style acrylic wall art for the modern home. As well as a range of products we also offer personalisation services and can produce art made from nearly all the images seen across the Devon Photography network.

Using professional printers and craftsmen means what we give to you is a piece with longevity and quality, we don't mass produce and we don't order from the high street. That means you are guaranteed the highest standard in your final product, a piece of art that can stand the test of time.



AS Photographic, Cambridge

From river punts to the botanical gardens, from the city centre shopping arcade to the architectural wonders of the university buildings, those are all things that have been a pleasure for Andy Spencer to photograph in his regular jaunts to the historical town-and-gown city of Cambridge.

Now, Devon Photography are giving Cambridge businesses, organisations and individuals a great option for their photographic needs. Bringing his Devon-born-and-bred creative viewpoint into a whole new part of the country and hoping to liven up the advertising and artistic world of the CB postcodes!